An important new commission targets root causes of health inequity

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced recently that they will launch a “Commission to Build a Healthier America”, becoming the first national, consensus-seeking group to consider solutions outside the medical care system for improving Americans' health. A few questions that will be lead their discussions will be:

  • Why do poor and middle class Americans experience poorer health compared to those above them on the economic ladder?
  • Why can some people in America expect to die 20 years younger than others dependent upon where they live?
  • How do health disparities affect the country's productivity and global competitiveness?
  • Why is it that Americans have worse health outcomes than patients in other industrialized nations given how much we spend in health care?

The Foundation will release a comprehensive report detailing differences in health, how social factors contribute to these differences, and how they impact America's economic strength. Included will also be a public opinion survey highlighting Americans' views regarding health disparities and what factors they think most affect their health. We look forward to finding how it went!

The report has been made available here.